Where imagination and free motion machine stitching join together to explore a textile form of art with painting and embroidery inspired by nature and wildlife.     

Janet Herman is self taught with decades of creative painting and sewing experience in interior design. 

She currently participates in art exhibits and limited fine art festivals in central Florida.  Her textile work has received many awards.  The inspirations for her current work is from many years hiking through forest, mountain and desert trails in the American West, Southwest and in the Southeast.    


About my textile art originals

My artwork is created by using fabric paints (acrylic or watercolors) over sketches I make on white cotton. I layer a stiff stabilizer behind a completed painting to free motion machine embroider. Polyester blend batting and another layer of cotton is added behind a partially stitched painting. This is where many, many hours of drawing with my sewing machine are happening. I outline my painting and create new routes with thread. The exciting part is creating depth by flattening some areas to enhance others. Twenty or more colors of polyester embroidery threads are used in my artwork. If the finished piece is mounted to an acid-free board, it will be framed and contain Museum Glass to protect it from fading. If the finished piece is stretched over an acid-free gallery wrap, it will be treated with a UV protector and installed in a float frame. All works are ready to hang. 

About my oil on canvas originals

My oil paintings are a reflection of my love of the outdoors. Some are representational; others loose and impressionistic. Many are studio finished from en plein air settings, started with an acrylic underpainting. All are rare, as I find the time to fit oil painting into my schedule of textile work. Sometimes, my oil paintings are my"studies" used to, then, begin a new textile painting to be stitched. 

About art prints or reproductions of my textile or oil-on-canvas artwork

Some of Janet Herman's artworks are available as paper prints or canvas prints from my online galleries. Not all originals on my website are available as prints. The paper prints I offer online are not available from me at art festivals. Festival reproductions are of limited edition, signed, printed, sealed and matted.  Limited edition reproductions from the artist are not currently offered online. 

Artist's Stories

Brief, news posts sent to clients, about various topics about art projects, techniques, materials and art shows. Written by Janet Herman. Only the current year is posted here.